A targeted strategy

EVANLAB is a non-profit association for the benefit of society, the sole purpose of which is knowledge, research, and dissemination of frontier sciences through the use of scientific apparatus and formative pathways like the following:

  • The realization and promotion of theoretical and applied research into anomalous phenomena and its dissemination, so as to promote national and international collaboration amongst researchers within this field.

  • The selection, organization and support of personnel for our research programs.

  • Educational activities at all levels (tertiary, academic, professional, etc).

  • Fund-raising activities.

What we do

The following are chosen research topics and the goal of scientific publications:

  • Two-way control of an OBE under hypnosis.

  • Distant mind-to-mind interaction.

  • Mind-to-matter interaction.

  • Mind-computer interface.

  • Theoretical analyses.


Work published in peer-reviewed journals or in pre-print format

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