Research lines

To avoid wasting resources, from the beginning EvanLab has chosen to limit its activities to a small number of strictly similar research paths, which are summarized here.


We explore the ability to distantly mentally influence technological devices in a way that is instrumentally discernable, without using any traditional means of transmission.
As an example, we obtained original and replicable results at a distance of 190 Km, mentally altering the output of a random number generator, initially using a Psyleron REG (Random Event Generator) – a well-known electronic device used in research – and thereafter more simple and economical devices.
We even managed a replicable experiment in which a photomultiplier 7000 Km away counted UV photons on mental command.

We are continuing experiments with other types of sensors in order to demonstrate the possibility of efficiently transmitting data over long distances without using electromagnetic waves.


We investigate the possibility of the distant signal transmission between two minds/brains without conventional means of transmission, such that it is instrumentally detectable. The person denoted as the Receiver is unaware of what he/she is getting: this is why we called it “unconscious telepathy”.
Initial results demonstrated the existence of the phenomenon, and then that it was also possible to transmit coded signals – in other words, it allowed the transmission of messages even to places that are unreachable by traditional telecommunications.

For the time being the transmission speed is very low, but the event itself is very important; research continues, as funds permit, towards our goal of greater speed.


This branch of research, aimed at increasing our knowledge of the human mind’s abilities, is dedicated to studying the possibilities offered by a new hypnotic technique that allows a conversation in real time with the consciousness of the subject under hypnosis during an Out of Body Experience (OBE).

Although this is a total novelty, previously thought to be very unlikely, the results have been very interesting, replicable, and loaded with opportunities to go further: a new research branch was born. We even made instrumental analyses during the OBE and are continuing our investigations into this state of consciousness


The need to instrumentally monitor our experiments for our ongoing studies, either with the electroencephalograph (EEG) or other devices, has shown that this type of monitoring is particularly demanding and not always feasible with commercial equipment and software. As such we have established a specific research path divided into two main activities:

  • Planning and actualization of electronic devices suitable for our research.

  • Software development to more efficiently manage data from our research.

Results obtained are regularly made public in all their details, as are those obtained from other studies.


Frequentemente i risultati che emergono dalle prove sperimentali effettuate all’interno delle linee di ricerca sopra elencate non rientrano nelle teorie classiche, quindi richiedono l’effettuazione di nuovi e originali tentativi di inquadramento teorico. Noi diamo il nostro contributo al riguardo, basandoci sull’esperienza acquisita sul campo e sui dati da essa forniti.